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Nix nix at esperi.org.uk
Thu Dec 3 23:46:25 UTC 2009

On 2 Dec 2009, John Hearns stated:

> ps. as an aside on this topic, performance of swpa files or swap
> partitions is of course dreadful. However, I am tempted to try a big
> solid state disk to see how well it would work.
> As another aside, there is a UK company building solid state disks
> from real DRAM chips (rather than flash). Their web page has some
> pretty big claims.

Also at least one US company (Violin). If you are made of money and want
a *very* expensive and power-hungry room heater with low access time,
they can sell you a good one.

> And as a final aside, I run systems which don't have disks - you can
> use swap over iSCSI on them, though of course at the other end there
> is a disk!

Yeah, that's another major change: many real-world network buses are now
as fast as the internal buses of all but PCIe machines, and far faster
than physical disks. (Of course they're still shared between many
machines, but if you have *lots* of machines swapping hard enough to
saturate the *bus*, they're saturating *many* disks *each* with swap
activity. Unlikely.)
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