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Christopher Hunter cehunter at gb-x.org
Mon Dec 7 00:11:55 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-12-03 at 15:56 +0000, Shannon Carver wrote:
> Without a doubt, but I'd guarantee that a Windows mailing list would
> be even more biased than here with Windows 7 zealots forcing their
> opinions on Lowly Vista and XP Users! :P
> On topic, I'm a huge advocate of Windows 7 (when I'm forced to use a
> Windows machine that is), it's speedier and less RAM hungry than
> Windows Vista, and worlds above XP for usability and 64bit goodness
> (I've never understood people's stance on staying with XP).
> I love cheese too, but unfortunately I've not had the pleasure of
> trying the delicious sounded treats listed in this thread!

I know it's wildly off-topic, but I was forced to "evaluate" Win 7
(against my better judgement).  I was pleasantly surprised by how
quickly it installed, and how quickly it started up (the first boot).
Of course it came without any useful software, so I installed "Office"
to it.  It demanded a reboot, and took an age to start up this time (I
later discovered that it enumerated the contents of the hard drive, and
reported the list of software, both licensed and free-ware back to MS).
Subsequent boots were a bit quicker, but adding software progressively
increased the boot time (I can't think why...).

This version is improved in that the BSOD has been replaced - you now
get a spontaneous BLACK Screen Of Death.  No key combination will let
you break  out of this state - you have to remove the power (on a
laptop, you have to unplug the battery!).  The next reboot (and every
one after) will take ages...

Once again, it's prone to every possible bit of malware out there - even
many of the really old exploits (that had been patched in XP) give
complete access to the machine.  None of the "security" features are
actually effective, and the third-party "anti-malware" snake-oil is
entirely useless.

It mostly fails to run older software - obviously in an effort to force
users to shell out again for applications they have already paid for...

It's just the same old NT turd, re-polished with a new set of faults!


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