[Gllug] Software for on-line sales?

Chris Bell chrisbell at 3966.ukfsn.org
Tue Dec 15 22:33:26 UTC 2009

On Tue 15 Dec, Walter Stanish wrote:
> > Can anyone recommend software suitable for a company selling
> > retail goods via the internet? Thanks for any replies.
> In short "no", but you will get a lot more pointers and 
> general mileage out of asking here if you provide some
> more information, as there are quite a few different
> approaches to selling goods online.

   Software is needed to handle the on-line ordering, tracking, and
payments. There is an existing (MySQL?) database listing items for sale,
stock quantities, customer trade history, and accounting for trade customers

> In short it depends on many factors such as:
>  - budget

   I think that money is hard to come by everywhere at present

>  - volume of trade

   As much as possible

>  - type of goods (eg: digital downloads, electronic media, 
>     physical goods self-stocked, physical goods with 
>     outsourced warehousing)

   Imported mainly computer related hardware, using own warehouse

>  - corporate structure (tax issues)

   An established importer and wholesale distributor seeking other outlets

>  - expected customer base (currencies required, tax...)

   Mainly UK, arrangements already in use for package, parcel, and pallet

>  - commercial situation
>     - competition's offering
>     - time to market restrictions

   It can take a few weeks between ordering and receiving a container load,
other items may be purchased in smaller quantities for distribution

>     - degree of technical control required
>     - potential future plans...
> Overall, if you have volume you can get a merchant account.
> If you don't, there is a large array of offerings that
> tend to increase transaction overheads significantly...
> and then there's fraud.
> Recently I implemented an HSBC payment gateway via 
> their Secure ePayments system for online electronic 
> media retail. Secure ePayments is a pain of a system
> to deal with (due to voluminous but largely useless
> documentation), but GREAT once you get it set up.
> I just wish they offered it in more countries...
> - Walter

   I am not employed by the company, I just know the owners.

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