[Gllug] [OFFTOPIC] Re: Vista vs seven

Christopher Hunter cehunter at gb-x.org
Tue Dec 8 16:30:09 UTC 2009

On Tue, 2009-12-08 at 15:59 +0000, David Damerell wrote:
> On Tuesday, 8 Dec 2009, co at chocabloc.net wrote:
> >OK I have had to rejoin this group to ask you to stop harassing me.  
> Where "harassing" is defined as replying in a civil fashion to an
> email which you sent, via a mailing list, to me?
> Newsflash; if you send me email, I may reply.
> >This is really pathetic. I left the group because I was fed up of all  
> >the nastiness and didn't expect it to carry on and get worse when I  
> >was off the group.
> Oh, wait, maybe "harassment" is when the members of a mailing list
> reply to messages sent to that mailing list.
> >Stop this now. I will take this further otherwise.  
> I may soil myself with terror.
> >What's really pathetic is some of you are posting on list where I  
> >can't respond.
> Ironically, you are writing this in an on-list response.
> >Also I'm not blind and it helps to use a GUI. Stop making assumptions
> >about me. 
> I don't see where I made any assumption about you. I didn't say
> _anything_ about you in the article you replied to.
> >And stop this abuse weather you are posting this on list or not.
> I don't see that I can possibly be abusing the gentleman I was
> talking about by mentioning his notable programming ability.

Have you noticed the childish inability to either spell correctly or use
a spell checker?  Have you also noticed the specious nonsense about
being "abused" and "taking this further" (probably by typing a few swear
works he's learnt)?

I'm pretty sure that this is an inept, largely illiterate troll.  It's
probably best to ignore it.  It'll probably find some other group to
annoy, in time.


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