[Gllug] Overriding Wine dll files.

general_email at technicalbloke.com general_email at technicalbloke.com
Sun Dec 20 17:54:54 UTC 2009

I'm trying to help service a Wine bug and have been advised to override
"ole32.dll". The interface for setting this up in winecfg is quite
straightforward and I have set ole32 to "Native then Builtin" for this
particular app but I have never told it were my 'native' Microsoft
ole32.dll is so I can't imagine this by itself will be enough.

The Wine help files suggest I need to put such dll files into 
~/.wine/windows/system32/ which would be easy enough, however it would
also involve overwriting Wine's version of ole32.dll which several other
sites advise against doing: without explaining what the alternative is!
Wine has been working fine for me with Photoshop and Spotify so I am
inclined to agree with them. The question now is where should I copy the
replacement ole32.dll to, if not the /windows/system32/ folder? I can
see no way of specifying a path in winecfg or the "WINEDLLOVERRIDES"
environment variable and Google's not turned up owt useful yet either :-/

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