[Gllug] Internet connection through mobile phone

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Fri Dec 11 11:35:05 UTC 2009

On 10 Dec 2009, at 16:09, felix swart wrote:
> I have moved into a flat which is not connected to the local  
> exchange and am loathe to hand over roughly £120 to BT for the  
> connection. Does anyone have experience with mobile internet used  
> for a home connection; no streaming or downloading distro images,  
> just general surfing.

You should be able to get the line installed for less than that if you  
shop around. Sometimes BT themselves have a deal on if you lock-in to  
a particular package, and there are also LLU providers who will do the  
line install for you.

I have a Huwaei 3G dongle on 3 which I use for back-up and mobile  
access. It beats having no Internet access, but it's hardly great  
either. It's nice and fast when it works - about 2-3Mb/s in Shepherd's  
Bush - but there are enough annoying signal drop-outs that it knackers  
interactive stuff such as web surfing and ssh.

3 is the cheapest network for data. Some argue it's good, some think  
it's rubbish. You might find another network more reliable, but the  
pricing will soon make a fixed line more attractive once more.

I'd just pay the £120, really. It's a lot less bother in the long run.

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