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Zvi Grauer zvi.grauer at gmail.com
Sat Dec 12 23:23:50 UTC 2009

Happy Holidays, everyone!

I have several questions regarding apps for Android, iPhone and maybe other
OS's. Let me start with some background - I have an interest in GPS and
sharing GPS data. I have a hobby web site, www.words2u.net, which could
explain what this is about.

At any rate, I am interesting in developing a GPS app to facilitate GPS data
exchange from GPS enabled  'smart phones'. Hopefully, the app can be sold to
cover the development costs and support storing the data.

I am not a developer, but have experience in software testing and
documenting. I like Android because it is open source and does not place
requirements on the developers. I like the iPhone because it has the most
successful app store, and while it is walled source, and has all kinds of
hoops to jump through, it is probably the best shot at recovering the costs.
I am not familiar with other mobile OS's, but I do know that Nokia has
several GPS phones (N95 and others), as does RIM (Blackberry models)

Now to the questions:

1. What is your advice regarding developing such an app - what are the
minimal legal requirements to assure the team is fairly and evenly
compensated if there is any income from the app? I am familiar with the
extremes of the spectrum (working for a software company with NDA's, code
encryption, etc. and non profit, open source idea code sharing in PHP,
Python and Javascripts freely with others, where no money was to be made),
but not the middle ground.

2. Would there be anyone on this list who has the experience, time and
inclination to help/join me in such an endeavor?

Feel free to answer either on or off the list.

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