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Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Thu Dec 10 14:25:33 UTC 2009

On 12/09/2009 05:53 PM, Rich Walker wrote:
> Anyone else tried this? So far I've:
> * been unable to access a Perdition IMAPS proxy
> * lost a line on my screen to tabs that won't go away
> * got several folders coloured a greeny-cyan for no clear reason.
> It's enough to make me use Emacs-under-windows...

I've been using tb3 for a while ( I run the nightly 'shredder' edition ) 
and have to say that the tb3 builds are byfar the best email client I've 
seen or worked with ever - specially if you run IMAP.

Not being familiar with Perdition, I cant comment on it. But what sort 
of a problem did you run into ?

W.r.t the header bar, you can turn the tab display off if there is only 
1 tab. And you can further customise the menu bar. A screenshot of what 
I have it set to is here : 

The Cyan coloured folders indicate new-previously unseen emails in that 
imap stores ( its a flag set and cleared on the server side ). I've 
found it beo an excellent new feature. It makes it trivial to see which 
folders have 'unread' emails V/s which folders have 'unread and new' 
emails. And since its set and cleared server side, there is state 
retention across clients and multiple locations. I guess its a big deal 
if you run server side filtering ( why would'nt someone do that if they 
run imap! ). Not that big a deal if all your new unread emails always 
land in the INBOX. :)

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