[Gllug] Diagnosing runaway Xorg

Dylan dylan at dylan.me.uk
Sat Jan 17 18:29:32 UTC 2009

Hi all,

Fairly regularly, I find Xorg running up to 90% and accelerating the CPU to 
full revs in the process. There are no entries in logs which are in any way 
relevant (system logs or Xlogs). Also, there is no HD activity beyond normal 
ticking over blips and there seems to be no change in memory or swap usage. 
The CPU is simply saturated with one user process, minimal system and 
I/Owait - this is all the useful information I can get from top.

There seems to be no relation to which apps are in use - in fact, it happens 
more often with only the minimum (kmail and kopete + a range of applets.) 
I've experimented, and none of these would seem to be the cause (it happens 
even with nothing chosen by me running after login.) If there is enough CPU 
left, then starting any app pulls Xorg back into reigns and it potters arount 
5% quite happily.

So, how can I go about getting more information? increasing Xorg's logging? 
Can I cause Xorg to provide a full trace to a file, for example?

Cheers for any pointers
“ ‘... but there is so much else behind what I say. It makes itself known to 
me so slowly, so incompletely! ...’ ”
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