[Gllug] Grub on lvm

James Hawtin oolon at ankh.org
Fri Jan 9 13:27:16 UTC 2009

On Fri, Jan 09, 2009 at 12:25:54PM +0000, Hari Sekhon wrote:
> > I may be wrong but is there any reason why the ram disk has to remain
> > resident in memory? Or could it end up being swapped out like anything else?
> > In which case it is a choise of allocating tmp+swap space or considating it
> > with just swap. 
> >
> > James
> >   
> Using ram for swap is a bit silly... you would be better off disabling 
> swap and keeping it as ram as there are less layers to process to store 
> things in the same place.

That was not what I ment, if you have /tmp comming from disk, it takes disk
space, and on your system you may also have some swap space, which is a
seperate area, if however you use tmpfs you only allocating one lot of
temporary space from the disk not two, also if you have swap on more than
one drive that can be shared onto the tmp area as well.

Clearly there are other times you might what to use tmpfs, and definately
not have swap space, for example if you have a compact flash based drive.

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