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Karanbir Singh mail-lists at karan.org
Sat Jan 31 03:15:14 UTC 2009

Alex Marchwiak wrote:
>> What skills do you have that define you as being worth ?90K?
> Managerial skills I suppose :) I havent ever met anyone that was earning 
> this sort of money, and believe me I know some wizards that have 
> unbelievable brains.

Some of the peering managers on the west cost, 'merica ( with near zero 
management skills ) earn two or three times that number easily. Also, 
Sysadmin's in certain skill zones ( mainframe tech mostly ) each 200 - 
250k/yr  : I know a few. I hear the skillz that some of the martine 
computing types possess bring in easy 6 figure salaries. Focused domain 
enginners roped in big bucks in the intevestment and merchant banking 
setups for years - too bad, the industry no longer exists.

After abotu 50k/yr, its no longer just a case of what you know or what 
you are capable of, its more along the lines of what benefits you bring 
to the table and who you know. I, for one, clearly dont know the right 
kind of people :)

- KB

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