[Gllug] SCSI card recommendation

Kostas Georgiou k.georgiou at imperial.ac.uk
Tue Jan 20 15:25:36 UTC 2009

On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 02:54:03PM +0000, John Hearns wrote:

> We used 3Com cards at Streamline.
> They work fine, and have both a command line interface (tw-cli) and a web
> based interface if you install it.
> There's no problem with Linux drivers for them.

tw-cli? You are probably talking about the 3ware cards then. They
have SAS/SATA/PATA interfaces but I never heard of a SCSI one.
The drivers work fine under linux but performance can be really bad
in some cases so we are avoiding them in favor of the areca ones.

For SCSI cards we've used both Adaptec and LSI and both work fine under
linux although we had to limit the Adaptec speed a couple of times since
bugs in the firmware caused problems with an external RAID box.

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