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John Levin john at technolalia.org
Mon Jan 26 15:12:16 UTC 2009

David L Neil Mailing list a/c wrote:
> John Levin wrote:
>> Follwing on from the recent thread about the absence of hacker spaces in 
>> London, plans are afoot to set one up.
>> Join the group if you're interested:
>> http://groups.google.com/group/london-hack-space
>> John
> John,
> Forgive my ignorance but what would happen there/then?
> - and what would be different if we followed-up on proposals to schedule
> 'lab meetings' for GLLUG?
> Regards,
> =dn

A hacklab is a community-run physical space, rather than a group like 
GLLUG, with facilities that can be used by any relevent parties.

See http://hackerspaces.org/ for much more detail, and a list of 
hacklabs around the world.

And below, the announcement posted to the ORG group, which explains 
things more fluently.



For some time now London has been in need of a proper hacker space. The 
number of hacking
groups has exploded over the last year or so with new events popping up 
every weekend.
Despite this we're still missing a meeting place, a place where we can 
store projects
and share ideas. Where we can meet like minded people who share our 
passions. Where we can
learn new skills without making a significant investment.

We'd like to change that, but we need people to help.

If you're interested, we've set up a preliminary mailing list on google 
groups where we can
gather. It's just temporary until we come up with a name and have more 
solid foundations.

Find us here: http://groups.google.com/group/london-hack-space


John Levin
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