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Chris Bell chrisbell at overview.demon.co.uk
Thu Jan 8 12:24:45 UTC 2009

On Thu 08 Jan, Lesley Binks wrote:

> A number of activities spring to mind....
> 1.  Changing the Library system  - the support infrastructure is geared to 
> M$ and supporting Linux may be an expense there is no budget for - in terms 
> of training the council's IT support function to support whatever distro 
> selected.  Before they even get to commit to training their IT support function 
> they'd have to determine via a number of committee meetings what distro to use that 
> would be regarded as a further expense.  So before a Linux machien can
> be dropped into each an every Ealing library - there has to be a
> willingness to consider it at committee level.  I'd suggest chatting to
> your local councillor and perhaps MP to stir up a level of interest.
> Taking along a Linux based netbook might play dividends because you
> would be able to show them a commercially available non-threatening
> product.

   My enquiries about using some space in the building were greeted with
delight from the secretary, who then informed me about the renovation work
and Learning Suite plans. The Hanwell Community Centre "Learning Suite" is a
totally new facility which is being pressed on to an unwilling organisation.
I have contacted the project manager, who refused any requests and offers of
assistance. Parts of the building are already used by various charity
organisations, and the new facility will probably take all remaining usable
space. I have attempted to get alternative locations, but no success so far.

> You could also check with Trading Standards whether a Computer Learning
> Suite contravenes anything by only focussing on training up council
> employees.  However if the council isn't interested in using or
> deploying Linux anywhere it is entirely unlikely to want to provide 
> training for its people on Linux.
   The local Trading Standards Officer has a copy of the latest Knoppix DVD
and the address of my website.

> Regards
> Lesley

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