[Gllug] To LLU or Not to LLU?

Juergen Schinker ba1020 at homie.homelinux.net
Fri Mar 27 12:17:38 UTC 2009

> I've never seen that - there is some limited BT "FTTC" (fibre to the
> cabinet), and Virgin have their FTTC network (which they persist in
> falsely advertising as FTTH (fibre to the home)).  Muswell Hill (where I
> live) is the first BT trial area for FTTH, so I'll be able to get
> service nearly as good as I do abroad in the next few months.
> It appears that BT have decided to take on the only Cable TV company
> (Virgin on the ridiculous), and are installing a REAL fibre network -
> the cabinets were installed at each end of our road last week.  BT are
> offering TV, telephone, interweb and alarm/CCTV monitoring packages at
> surprisingly low cost, though I'm still wary of their 'net offering in
> view of the "Phorm" debacle.
> C.
where can i get more detailed information about BT's trial ?

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