[Gllug] Configuration file sharing

Christopher Mocock chris at wavestore.com
Wed Oct 21 14:29:31 UTC 2009

william pink wrote:
> with it, I was using Git + github to push externally but its such a 
> administrative headache when you have lots of web servers. Has anyone 
> got or seen a good guide on using a local Git repo in this way as I 
> would be interested in going down this route if I could make it simple 
> and easy. I agree with HA-NFS it also looks to be more complicated than 
> it should really be.

Out of interest (since I've been playing with git for the first time 
today, for software development use) what is the headache here?

Surely you just need a script which iterates over your list of servers 
and does a "git push" to each one. Seems like a fairly elegant solution 
to me but I must be missing something as I am a git noob (or noob git 

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