[Gllug] Open Source Hardware User Group meeting on Thursday.

Andrew Back andrew at osmosoft.com
Wed Apr 28 12:30:03 UTC 2010

On (05:50 28/04/10), Chris Bell wrote:
> On Wed 28 Apr, Andrew Back wrote:
> > 
> > 
> > Ideals aside, shouting "No Javascript/Flash!" is a bit like advocating
> > Betamax when the world has moved on to using VHS (apologies for using yet
> > another terrible analogy).
> > 
>    Broadcast professionals remained with Betamax.

As someone with friends who are offline editors in TV post I realised my
error after sending the e-mail :o) I guess the point I was miserably failing
at trying to make, was that by disabling Javascript you're in an ever
shrinking minority.

Also note that whilst Beta formats continued to enjoy popularity for industrial
applications, it wasn't much fun growing up in the 80s/90s as the kid in the
class whose parents remained committed to their Betamax or Laserdisc



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