[Gllug] Rsync cf Wget

David L Neil gllug at getaroundtoit.co.uk
Thu Apr 15 05:47:25 UTC 2010

Are the rsync and wget 'changed since last retrieval' features 
compatible and congruent?

My existing process is to rsync a copy of the CentOS repository, from 
which both this (local) machine and all the others on my network and 
clients' networks are (subsequently) kept up-to-date [1].

When I'm on the road, firewall/security on public/library systems will 
not let me rsync/SSH... (and in some cases even insecure FTP is proscribed)

The repositories do offer HTML/HTTP access. I happily and habitually use 
wget [recursive] to pull down multi-page articles and tutorials etc for 
later study.

wget --mirror ...   smells like
rsync --update ...  [2]

Am I able to mix-and-match between them, without penalty, or does 
consistency demand 'pick one' (only and always)? [3]

Please advise,

1 I don't use the individual machine 'update' feature, as provided by 
Red Hat/CentOS - in order to save bandwidth by downloading only once, at 
the expense of local storage space, and then promulgating in-house as a 
second step and when the opportunity presents.

2 yes, other options are employed, eg to mirror the directories, but 
nevertheless I will welcome all advice (from server jocks) about 
additional 'best practice' options, especially the likes of --limit-rate 
and --random-wait... given that a couple of web pages is quite a 
different ball game to repository updates, eg kernel updates.

3 no, I do not have an rsync server to be able to run an off-line test 
and work it out for myself by trial-and-error. Yes, I will be happy to 
be directed to URLs offering 'homework' reading!
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