[Gllug] Hardware fault

Neil Tancock neil at safeharbourit.co.uk
Tue Apr 13 07:33:51 UTC 2010

Hi Dylan,

If you're getting no response other than the fans starting it does look serious.

- Plug the power supply into another machine that is known to be working to eliminate the power supply.   Power supplies have a 12v 'circuit' and a 5v 'circuit' and if one is prevented from working it can have some odd results like the fans starting but the CPU not.  If the other machine does the same thing, then you have a power supply problem.  Replace the power supply.

- If it doesn't then your power supply is fine and things just got a bit more involved.  You've already taken out all the components likely to prevent a machine from doing its initial startup (Memory, drives, etc)  Have you any PCI cards to remove?  If not, then David is right - your motherboard or CPU is gone.  If that's the case, try to get a motherboard that will take the same CPU as one you have - that will save some money.  However, you may have to reinstall your OS because of the new motherboard.  If you have any data on the drive, you should be able to back it up somewhere before doing the install.

Many thanks,

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Hi All,

I am faced with a machine which is *completely* un-responsive after power-up. 
There is no HD activity, no activation of the monitor from standby, and no 
beeping, although the fans run normally. I have removed or disconnected 
mouse, keyboard, DVD and HD (both SATA) and memory resulting in no change of 
response - i.e. there is no complaint of any kind about the lack of essental 
hardware. The machine's owner tells me that yesterday it spontaneously 

Is there any way simple way to distinguish a power supply, processor or 
motherboard fault? Any suggestions would be welcome.

“ ‘... but there is so much else behind what I say. It makes itself known to 
me so slowly, so incompletely! ...’ ”
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