[Gllug] Linux weather station!

Chris Bell chrisbell at 3966.ukfsn.org
Sat Feb 20 21:31:59 UTC 2010

On Sat 20 Feb, Benjamin Donnachie wrote:

> Actually, I could probably do with a lesson on how to solder properly
> - sounds like another reason to head off to the Hack Space!  Though,
> all the 1-wire kit usually used with weather monitoring looks
> wonderfully simple to connect up!
> Ben

   It is easiest with a powerful temperature controlled iron, not a cheapo.
The iron I use most is a low voltage iron which has a bit that reaches its
Curie point and looses its magnetic properties at the required temperature,

releasing the switch. Clean the bit on a wet non-abrasive pad, and use cored
self-fluxing solder.

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