[Gllug] Any central technicians / consultants on here?

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Thu Jul 15 00:03:36 UTC 2010


Does anyone on here offer callout *nix + PC hardware support in central 

I do callout support myself, primarily for desktop Windows however I 
have one client running *nix at the moment (a small Freenas/BSD file 
server) and as I'm going to be out of town for several weeks over August 
and September I want to make sure they have somebody to call should 
something go wrong while I'm away. In the wider context I also want to 
do more *nix installs in the future and would like to assure potential 
clients that support would be available even if I were hit by a bus!

I found http://www.unixconsulting.info/ on the BSD site but, given the 
grammar and frankly ropey website I'm already far from confident in 
their service! All the other companies I turned up don't seem to do 
onsite calls. Given my lack of success so far I figured I'd ask on here 
before settling in for another tedious round of Googling!

For my immediate needs you wouldn't have to be a full time *nix support 
person or any kind of guru, you would just have to have the ability to...

a) Rebuild a RAID 0 array should one disk fail (spare disks available)
b) Diagnose and replace a failed component (memory/mobo etc)
c) Make it down to Shoreditch at a few hours notice should an emergency 
arise (no guarantee/SLA required, just a general potential availability)

If that sounds like you and such (potential!) work would interest you 
please PM me with your contact number, hourly rates & any callout 
charges or conditions you have. Also, if anyone knows of a good website 
where I can find local *nix freelancers / consultancies I'd appreciate a 

Many thanks,


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