[Gllug] Hibernation with less swap space than memory?

general_email at technicalbloke.com general_email at technicalbloke.com
Sat Jul 17 05:01:27 UTC 2010


I've just put some more memory in my computer and now I have more of it 
than I have swap space. It still seems to hibernate and resume OK but 
I'm assuming that's only because I have less programs in ram than I have 
available swap. Does anyone know what will happen if I try to hibernate 
when I have more code in ram than I have swap space available? Bad 
things will abound I'm sure but I'm just curious to know exactly what.

Also, does anyone know if shrinking my ext4 system partition so I can 
expand my swap partition would be either more or less likely to go 
smoothly on an SSD or should it make no difference?


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