[Gllug] File permissions

Swen Hartmut Tromm swentromm at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jun 30 16:20:34 UTC 2010

Why not running the process of creating this directory under the account of 
this particular user e.g. via "su UserName" or "sudo -u UserName"?

On Wednesday 30 Jun 2010, gllug-request at gllug.org.uk wrote:
> Both you and Swen are missing the point.  James wants all the files and
> directories that are created within a particluar location in the
> filesystem to be created with a specific user and group ownership, no
> matter which user is creating the files.  He wants this to happen
> whenever files in that location are created.  Chown is not the answer
> for several reasons:
>   1.  Only the root user can use chown to set the owning user.
>   2.  Chown has to be used after the event.

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