[Gllug] DVD conversion help please

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Fri Jun 18 01:36:36 UTC 2010

Dylan wrote:
> On Wednesday 09 June 2010, John Hearns wrote:
>> I need some help on uploading the contents of a DVD to Youtube.
>> Perfectly legit, and have permission. The DVD is of some early history
>> of Rotherhithe city farm,
>> and is some cine footage copied to DVD.
>> The DVD is 27 minutes long - too long to upload in one hit so I need
>> to split it up.
>> I have copied the files off the DVD to a Linux workstation. There
>> seems to be two large files,
>> plus some smaller files which describe the content.
>> Any good ideas on how I split the files up?
>> Just to be helpful, mpgsplit goes bananas at the time codes.
> I would use mplayer to 'dump' an MPEG copy to HD th mpgsplit should accept the 
> file properly.
> Dx

Kdenlive should be able to directly load the .VOB files, chop them up
and export the chunks you want in the format you want.

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