[Gllug] Wireless issue

Richard LEGER richard.leger at gmail.com
Fri May 28 08:52:35 UTC 2010

Hello everyone,

At home I have two laptops: one Apple (recent, with Ubuntu), one Acer
Travelmate C300 (few years old, with Win XP, Intel wireless card and

While I have no problem to connect to any wireless network with Apple, I
constantly have issue with the Acer one in my home but not outside.

Sometime, it cannot see some of wirelless networks available and when it can
sometime it can connect sometime it can't...

The only wireless network which it can connect for sure is a 3G network
accessible by wireless Three dongle (not connected to laptop). Network is
protected by password.

I have a routeur with an alternative wireless network but can't connect to
it or if it does, it can't browse Internet :(
There is also a public network (without password) available sometime it see
it and can connect and sometime it doesn't.

I was wondering if you would have any advice or tools that you would know
that could allow me to analyse what the problem is and how to solve it ?

I am not an expert in wireless. I have tried to change the channels or to
force in b or g type... but still same problem occurs... I have tried to use
only one access point at a time (the other one shutdown) and one laptop at a
time (the other one shutdown) to check if it could be interferences but
still same issue occurs !

Any other ideas where the problem could come from ?
Why would it work sometime and not others ?
I don't see any errors in the logs

Except for the public access point, the laptops and access points are in the
same room.

I hope those short explanation would be enough for giving you an idea of the
situation and providing some hint to a solution. Any questions are welcomed.

Richard L.
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