[Gllug] Proposed broadband improvements

Chris Bell chrisbell at 3966.ukfsn.org
Mon May 17 07:38:45 UTC 2010

On Mon 17 May, Christopher Hunter wrote:

> During a recent power cut (due to the usual Murphy-Man pickaxe through a
> cable in the street caused by the inaccuracy of the "Stats" diagrams for
> the area and their failure to use a "CAT") we lost ALL services until
> the power was restored (several hours).  
> I pointed out to BT that this appeared to be something they'd overlooked
> and that the 999 service (obviously) was crippled during the failure.
> Their answer was that "everyone has a mobile" so they didn't see it as a
> problem!  I also pointed out that this was in contravention of their
> Charter, but they simply didn't care.
   Are OFFCOM aware?

> There are also several other points of possible failure for this
> half-baked network, and the BT engineering staff have very few of their
> number with even the slightest understanding of the newer technology.
> When data rates fall, due to poor fusion joints, dirty optical
> connectors or damaged fibre, it's going to be virtually impossible to
> raise a fault as long as you can get something over the fibre.
> C.

   I assume that BT will ban independant testing of their system. Did BT
install the last few metres to the home themselves? Thames Water, British
Gas, and Southern Electric have all been renewing facilities around my local
area, and I intend to install a set of ducts from my house to the pavement
the first time I have to do any work on existing facilities buried in the
   Of course getting a single contractor to do all the installations and
replacements together at reduced cost would require too many people to use
their brains. My father always asked why we do not have easily accessible
hollow ducts alongside roads with the facilities sitting in neat rows. A
little more initial expense, but savings possible over time.

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