[Gllug] FTP / network corruption?

Simon Perry gllug at si-designs.co.uk
Fri May 28 13:25:53 UTC 2010

Hi All,

I have an odd problem with zip files being corrupted when pulled via 
ftp. On the server I can unzip the file with no problem at all. However 
when I ftp the file from a different location it downloads without error 
but is always corrupted and I'm unable to unzip it.

Trying various combinations of ftp servers and clients all produce the 
same corruption. However I can ftp from the server, using localhost 
address and that does transfer the file without corruption. (I can serve 
  the same files on a different server without problem)

The machine also runs Apache and I have noticed that some image files 
that are hosted also will not display to remote clients. Those clients 
complain that the files contain errors. Viewing on local host works fine.

There is nothing in the logs to indicate a problem. This is a new 
machine with Kubunutu 10.04 LTS on it.

Apart from this binary file corruption the machine seems to be fine. 
What do you think the cause of the corruption is?


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