[Gllug] OT: Anyone using Orange for broadband in North London?

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Thu Nov 4 18:24:52 UTC 2010

My g/f has a mobile with Orange and they've just got in contact with me 
offering what looks to be a very good "loyalty" deal. The only thing I 
can see wrong with it it the 40GB a month "fair usage" cap, having said 
that I'm really not sure I use that much.

They're offering me £21.50/month fixed for 18 months. That includes line 
rental, 24/7 free calls to landlines, 12p/min calls to mobiles and no 
traffic shaping. They claim they will definitely match or beat the 8/0.5 
Mbit I get from BE's value package (they say they use "dynamic line 
management" which they claim is superior to whatever the alternative is, 
no idea what that even is!) and buyout any remaining contract up to £50.

I'm very happy with BE but, taking the 24/7 and half price mobile calls 
into account, I figure this could save me over £20 a month! The question 
is: are they likely to deliver reliable broadband at the rated speed? BE 
never seem to miss a beat and I get the rated 8 meg all day every day, 
the times I've had to call them they've had very competent staff online 
so I have significant intertia but we're talking about several hundreds 
of pounds of savings over the course of the contract.

V.sorry to start yet another broadband thread but, before I make the 
leap, I'd like to know what peoples experiences of them as a broadband & 
landline provider are (mobile experience not really relevant).



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