[Gllug] Garmin satnav and Linux.

Chris Bell chrisbell at chrisbell.org.uk
Sat Sep 18 18:32:53 UTC 2010

On Sat 18 Sep, Richard Jones wrote:
> On Sat, Sep 18, 2010 at 03:18:16PM +0000, Chris Bell wrote:
> > Hello,
> >    My sister has purchased a Garmin nuvi 1300 satnav but it does not know
> > where she is (the information keeps changing even when stationary), it is
> > still under warranty, but she has been told to upgrade the software and
> > included map. She does not have a computer. The www.garmin.com website lists
> > an upgrader that only works with selected M$ offerings or MAC, and only one
> > free map upgrade. I have never found a need for a satnav. Can anyone please
> > give advice? Are further map updates needed frequently, and are they
> > expensive? Thanks. 
> You could try to see if the updater software runs under Wine.  Wine
> is pretty good these days.

   Not convinced that she should even register it yet, or just simply take
it back.

> As for your sister, I strongly suggest she just takes it back to the
> shop quoting consumer law and asking for a full and immediate refund.
> They must take back the faulty unit unconditionally -- there is no
> rule that someone must have a computer at home and go through all this
> faffing around trying to upgrade software first.

   She purchased it in a Devon Halfords and took it back to one in West
London to get advice, they told her to update the software.

> I have an old (c. 2005) TomTom which works very well to this day.  I
> had a play with a TomTom Starter(? - I think) the other day, and it's
> much worse than my model.  Sat navs are a really interesting and
> indispensable technology, particularly if you are married to someone
> who can't read a map.
> Rich.
   Thanks. She can read a map, but thought it might help when travelling
around small roads in the West Country or Wales. At present it is unable to
distinguish between two long established main roads a mile apart in West

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