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Hi Tim, 

1. Register the domain yourself. Choose a hosting company with a good control panel interface that doesn't bombard you with adverts every time your try to do something. Even though they are expensive, I like to use EuroDNS because of the interface. 


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Thank you for all the feedback. 

I have already replied twice, but the messages don't seem to have come through (trouble with the SMTP server has actually prompted me to send the original post). 

I am looking for email accounts for personal use for me and my wife. And also for my wife (small) private business. 

IMAP is good, POP3 is OK, and webmail a nice-to-have. 

I'm considering purchasing a domain so long as I can associate the Email account(s) with the name. The idea is to be able to move between hosting companies AND keeping the email accounts. 

Who are good hosting companies for home / small business? 

What are the potential gotchas? 

Do I register the domain name myself and then take it to a server hosting company? Or should I register with the hosting company? 

Some people have already suggested software for virtual servers. Because of the email for my wife's business, I need to hit the ground running. So I'd prefer a package where (nearly) everything is ready to go. Or one with a fast learning curve. 

Thanks for your help 
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