[Gllug] Email provider

James Hawtin oolon at ankh.org
Tue Apr 5 11:00:07 UTC 2011

Martyn Drake wrote:
> I look upon Hotmail and Yahoo! as the email equivalent of the "chav".
> Gmail, not so bad, but if you do have your own domain, it's worth
> going with Google Apps - and then, Google Apps for Business which at
> £35 a year per user is very good value and you don't get your email
> scanned to serve up adverts (because there are none).
As a someone with multiple domain I might also agree with you however 
the OP did not state if they were looking for person email, or a system 
for handling email from a domain. Without knowing this important detail, 
it is difficult to target the advice. Perhaps the OP can tell us what 
kind of email access they are looking for. Personally I like the Linux 
VPS solution, however I have Be at home with a static IP address to roll 
my own from there at the moment, I will probably move to a VPS if this 
proves unstable, however I like my current setup of OpenBSD spamd grey 
trap, is there an equivent to this for linux?

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