[Gllug] Scanning to network attached scanner

David L Neil GLLUG at GetAroundToIt.co.uk
Fri Apr 22 00:45:48 UTC 2011


> I guess that I am going to show my ignorance here! I am looking for some
> assistance with a scanning problem. I hope that I am not asking the
> impossible but I am sure that somebody will know the answer to this!
> (Even if it is only, "Forget it!")
> My setup comprises:-
> Three networked machines running Ubuntu 10.10 desktop. Amongst other
> things connected to the network is a Netgear ReadyNAS Duo which,
> unsurprisingly is accessible across the network. I have an HP C7180
> all-in-one printer / scanner attached to the NAS via a USB connection.

> I would like to scan across the network from one of the machines but
> cannot get the all-in-one recognised by the scanning software. My
> favoured choice of scanning software is Vuescan. If connected directly
> to the scanner, Vuescan works without issue.
> Can anyone suggest how to access the scanner connected in the way I have
> outlined? I have Googled but to no avail.

Contrary to other responses (and slightly to your last spec) may I take 
advantage of the invitation in your opening paragraph and suggest that 
it may be easier to do it another way?

The HP All-in-One has an Ethernet port and built-in (s/w) servers. Why 
duplicate/re-invent the wheel? Instead of connecting via the NAS-USB, 
direct-connect using Ethernet. That way you have no need to add a saned 
daemon to your NAS box. It is also the way the HP box was designed to work!

At home I use a smaller?older networked HP 2575, from both CentOS 5.3 
(plus mods) and Fedora 14. I haven't (yet) seen a need to buy/use 
Vuescan (but please enlighten from your experience...), instead happily 
employ Simple Scan under Gnome to produce .JPG images and .PDF files.

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