[Gllug] Debian's 'interfaces', IPv6 and aliases

Henrik Morsing henrik at morsing.cc
Tue Apr 19 09:50:01 UTC 2011

On Tue, Apr 19, 2011 at 10:18:21AM +0100, Jason Clifford wrote:
> iface eth0 inet static
> 	...
> 	up ip -6 addr add 2001:8b0:3a9::101/48 dev eth0
> 	down ip -6 addr del 2001:8b0:3a9::101/48 dev eth0
> You probably also need to add an "ip route add default dev eth0" for
> each as well.

Yes, ip - 6, sorry. Memory fail again.

The default gateway seems to get set by magic on both my systems (home & colo). Not sure how.

Henrik Morsing
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