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Sat Aug 27 04:19:48 UTC 2011

On 27/08/11 02:21, Avi Greenbury wrote:
> general_email at technicalbloke.com wrote:
>> I run Photoshop regularly in Wine and it runs very well. I also run
>> Flash CS4 in an XP VM I made from an image of a defunct XP box so the
>> cost of an XP license is moot also - who can't get their hands on an
>> old XP box when they need one? Many of these so-and-so isn't
>> available for linux arguments are actually nonsense.
> Very few people would regard "can be run in a Windows VM atop the OS of
> your choice" as the software being available for that OS.

Well that's their problem! VM's are supported by all modern hardware so
they're not even slow any more and most VMs can do "seamless mode" or an
equivalent so it's barely any different from running a native app.

Many of the Adobe creative suite apps run OK under Wine too, so they are
as good as "native". In the case I mentioned I only used a VM because I
already had a backup image of the Windows box I had been using for flash
development a few months previously to hand so I didn't have to tit
about with transferring the license, rebuilding my dev environment and
risking it not working smoothly under wine for a 2 day project - the
whole VM setup process took about 15 mins most of which I spent doing
other stuff. Anyway, the point I had been trying to make was that you
probably wouldn't have to stump up the full whack for an OS license if
you wan't a Windows VM (one of the few valid objections to using a VM
these days) as old XP machines are ten a penny.

>> Now OSX software is different, if you had mentioned Final Cut Pro or
>> Logic Pro Audio you may have had a point.
> Why? OSX86 can be run in VirtualBox, which fits your
> Photoshop-supported-on-linux point above. I'd find it a damn sight
> easier to get hold of an old mac (even a wintel one) than I would a
> spare XP machine.

Well it's not strictly legal for one and Apple haven't exactly been
friendly towards the hackintosh community in the past so I wouldn't be
surprised if, every now and then, some rug-pulling update they release
arbitrarily borks everyones VM based system. For all we knock Microsoft
at least they aren't hostile to VM's - as long as you're licensed they
don't give a damn - probably because they don't sell PC hardware. The
same can't be said for Apple - don't they still explicitly forbid
installing OSX on anything other than Apple hardware in their
shrinkwrap? If so I suppose you could legally run OSX in virtual box
under linux as long as you were running that instance of linux on Mac
hardware but bleh!


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