[Gllug] Forward of moderated message

Tethys sta296 at astradyne.co.uk
Mon Aug 29 00:15:05 UTC 2011

Christopher Hunter writes:

>It's probably because Photoshop has the "brand recognition"!  GIMP and
>Blender together are actually just as capable as Photoshop, but they're
>not taught in schools, and are perceived as "difficult".

No, they're not. Much as I love GIMP (and that's quite a lot), it's
just not as capable as Photoshop. Sure, for 95% of the population,
the two are essentially equivalent because they both do what's needed.
But for the remaining 5%, Photoshop really does have features that
GIMP doesn't and thus it isn't a suitable replacement. It should
be said that there are a few features GIMP has that are lacking in
Photoshop, too, but there are far fewer of those.

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