[Gllug] Thinkpad RAM

DL Neil GLLUG at getaroundtoit.co.uk
Thu Dec 29 01:52:15 UTC 2011

Thinkpad documentation says the RAM is limited to 3GB. Why?

My new (ly recycled) Thinkpad T61 was delivered with only the  
'standard RAM' despite my ordering the full complement of 3GB. I grind  
my teeth waiting for the suppliers to return to work and 'face the  
music'...maybe I could take some advantage from the delay though:-

Every web page/IBM/Lenovo doc I inspect quotes a maximum usable RAM of  
3GB. Yet the machine's physical capacity is 2x2GB sticks. I have not  
been able to ascertain exactly why.
?Google-fooness dissolves into Google-clueless?


1 the bus or other hardware cannot cope with more than 3GB

2 MS-Windows (eg WinXP) will only cope with up to 3GB

3 back-then they only had 32-bit Operating Systems...

4 sommat I haven't thought about...

If I install 64-bit Virtual Box plus 64-bit Linux (see elsewhere "Bits  
of virtualisation" thread) could I also (pay a bit more - after  
berating the blighters, and) take the RAM out to 4GB? Has anyone done  
this/seen it done?


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