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On 29 December 2011 01:52, DL Neil <GLLUG at getaroundtoit.co.uk> wrote:

> Thinkpad documentation says the RAM is limited to 3GB. Why?
> My new (ly recycled) Thinkpad T61 was delivered with only the 'standard
> RAM' despite my ordering the full complement of 3GB. I grind my teeth
> waiting for the suppliers to return to work and 'face the music'...maybe I
> could take some advantage from the delay though:-
> Every web page/IBM/Lenovo doc I inspect quotes a maximum usable RAM of
> 3GB. Yet the machine's physical capacity is 2x2GB sticks. I have not been
> able to ascertain exactly why.
> ?Google-fooness dissolves into Google-clueless?
> Perhaps:
> 1 the bus or other hardware cannot cope with more than 3GB
> 2 MS-Windows (eg WinXP) will only cope with up to 3GB
> 3 back-then they only had 32-bit Operating Systems...
> 4 sommat I haven't thought about...
> If I install 64-bit Virtual Box plus 64-bit Linux (see elsewhere "Bits of
> virtualisation" thread) could I also (pay a bit more - after berating the
> blighters, and) take the RAM out to 4GB? Has anyone done this/seen it done?
> Regards,
> =dn
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Upgraded my T61 2 weeks ago.

I have the lowest setup for T61, comes in 3-4 "flavours", different
graphics card and harddrives being easy way to identify them.
I upgraded to 3GB total as I'm just running 32bit on this machine now.
Above is what I installed, and works like a charm. Unscrew all the bottom
screws that have a "keyboard" symbol by them, and then clip the the front
section of the keyboard area.

I've also brought a harddrive caddy, as the CDrom on the side is
hotswappable. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B001JIUGOW  nice and
cheap, just waiting for harddrive prices to drop down again.

Back to your memory, the machine is one I got from work, and we have always
believed our Levono contact that 4GB is the most RAM supported (likely to
only see 3GB-3.5GB though, shared graphics etc). I've happily ran 64Bit on
there with 32bit guest OS in Virtual box, and that was with 1GB. Now I'm on
3GB and things just tick along without breaking a sweat.

The laptop is older than the one I personally brought brand-new 18 months
ago, yet I feel this T61 outshines my Asus, as well as having a fantastic
keyboard to use.

Have fun.
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