[Gllug] Dangerous sites

Robert . forums at zhub.co.uk
Thu Dec 8 21:49:00 UTC 2011

On 08/12/11 21:28, Keith Edmunds wrote:
>> T'was actually the DDG developers who told us that it was exclusively
>> Bing powered, at the recent Perl conference :)
> Well, the developers need to either read their own website, or possibly
> correct it.
> http://help.duckduckgo.com/customer/portal/articles/216399-sources
Really? that's a shame if it is the case, sure it wasn't a misleading 
comment?, or was it blatant "we just use bing only these days" ?

Something isn't the same though, simply using both engines(bing and GGD) 
for the same search brings back results differently. (maybe driven by 
bing picking up on your location?)

Never looked into it for bing, but the power you can use for google 
search is pretty amazing to be fair. would love to see how much data 
their boxes churn through each day.
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