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Rich Walker rw at shadow.org.uk
Fri Dec 9 19:46:02 UTC 2011

> forums at zhub.co.uk wrote:
> On 06/12/11 16:05, Philip Hands wrote:
> > On Mon, 5 Dec 2011 23:17:31 +0000, Avi Greenbury<lists at avi.co>  wrote:
> >> John G Walker wrote:
> >>
> >>> My years-old Thinkpad has died on me, so I need a new laptop. I only
> >>> use the laptop for word-processing, spreadsheets and web browsing, so
> >>> I don't need anything sophisticated.
> >>>
> >>> What are the current suggestions for laptops running Linux?
> >> I know of several Lenovo Thinkpads on which Debian, Ubuntu and/or
> >> Fedora have Just Worked. Not so sure about the only-free-firmware
> >> Debians.
> >
> Recently received a Lenovo t61 laptop, which I'm over the moon with for several reasons. Mainly
> because it runs well with Linux, it is built solid like a brick, it has a fantastic range of
> accessories, I.E. I've brought a caddy to carry a 2nd harddrive, which is hot swappable with the
> CDrom drive. two different docks, one which has DVI/HDMI support so great to connect to the TV, and
> so on.
> I've already got an Asus K52F which has been fantastic for me. I've placed Ubuntu on it, then
> upgraded to Mint, Debian, Bodie and now settled running Archlinux on it, all of which ran very well,
> most common issue was up-side down camera but thats an easy fix.
> Both of these laptops have had several posts all over the web about running Linux on it, so there is
> some good documentation out there.
> If wordprocessing is the main/only thing, Lenovo laptops have fantastic keyboards on them, feel so
> nice to type on.

I have just temporarily gone back one thinkpad in time, while sorting
out the fan on my current thinkpad. So there are three thinkpads on the
table here at home, and another one on my desk at work, which sits next
to a USB stand-alone thinkpad keyboard.

I'm not sure I'd buy a different manufacturer of laptop, but that's
because years of NetHack and Emacs have seared the feeling of the
keyboard into my muscle memory.

No complaints about any aspect of the linux  support anywhere.

cheers, Rich.

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