[Gllug] Painfully slow MySql performance on 64-bit Atom processor

Nix nix at esperi.org.uk
Tue Jan 18 09:21:27 UTC 2011

On 13 Jan 2011, John Winters told this:
> There are quite a few reports out there of performance problems using 
> 64-bit MySql on an ext4 partition.  The fix (?) is to mount the ext4 
> partition with the option "bound=0", which does indeed produce a 
> phenomenal performance improvement.  OTOH, I don't yet know what this 
> option actually does so I'm off to do some more reading.

bound appears not to exist, from my quick grovel through the kernel
source (at least, the string "bound" does not exist anywhere therein).

What you may want, if reliability is not a concern or your disk is
battery-backed (or a laptop), is 'nobarrier'. Telling mysql not to sync
may be worthwhile too.
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