[Gllug] PCI ADSL2+ Cards

Andy Millar andy at andymillar.co.uk
Sun Jan 16 23:26:57 UTC 2011

On Sun, 2011-01-16 at 23:20 +0000, general_email at technicalbloke.com
> On 16/01/11 23:00, Andy Millar wrote:
> > Gllugers,
> >Con
> > I've recently obtained a http://linitx.com/viewproduct.php?prodid=12181
> > and am trying to get it working with a BeThere DSL connection.
> >
> > However I can't find any documentation on the card or any advice on how
> > to configure it up with BeThere and get it working.
> >
> > Does anyone here have any experience with these (or similar) cards?
> >
> > Andy
> >
> It says the system should detect it as a bog standard LAN card and that

Check. Comes up as a standard ethernet interface (rtl8139)...

> you can configure it via a web interface or telnet so I guess you give
> it an IP address and point your browser to that address. All you should

Any idea how or what to? Everything I've tried has failed miserably.

> need other than that are the ADSL settings for Be. They're not very
> standard AFAICR so if you don't have them to hand you may need to call
> their service line: 08081013430.


> Roger.

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