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Wed Jan 5 16:52:46 UTC 2011

On 05/01/11 10:24, john maclean wrote:
>>> Nope but it looks utterly pointless. All it is is a browser that looks a
>>> little like chrome with a couple of social networking toolbars down each
>>> side so you can bore people with your twitters and facebooks that little
>>> bit easier. If you don't use facebook or twitter it won't be much use to
>>> you and even if you do... meh.
> So it's a cloud-based, social mash up of [insert more buzz words here] noise

Yep, it doesn't seem to do anything you couldn't easily do with a
firefox plugin or two. If any of it's features turn out to be a big hit
I'm fairly certain all the mainstream browsers will appropriate them
before rockmelt can catch their breath, like IE metamorphosed into
firefox, then chrome! On a slight tangent, anyone know why FF4 is taking
so long to come out of beta? The beta's really nice, it just seems to
have been stuck there for months :/

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