[Gllug] Extremely strange disk imaging problem.

Nix nix at esperi.org.uk
Fri Jan 21 23:14:30 UTC 2011

On 20 Jan 2011, david at gbenet.com stated:

> Once you have installed Windows 2000 Pro it will prevent any other
> operating system from booting from a CD or DVD.

Wrong. It *does* overwrite the MBR, but then so does every other OS
when you install it. (It doesn't make it terribly easy to boot other
OSes from its bootloader, that's true.)

>                                                  Ubuntu Opensuse Fedora
> Linux Mint. On a Dell an Acer a HP.

Wrong. The global comma shortage ended last year, btw, you can use them
again without being penalized.

>                                                   But then I think of
> WIN98 SE a fine operating system created by IBM

OK, this *has* to be a troll. Nothing human could consider Win98 SE
'fine'. (My cat liked it because when it messed up its display driver
and filled the screen with out-of-phase flickering gibberish, she could
chase the gibberish. But then that cat was always rather strange.)
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