[Gllug] A long shot... Windows support

Victor Churchill vchurchill at softwareshack.eu
Sat Jan 1 18:53:19 UTC 2011

At the risk of wandering OT:

On 28 December 2010 12:08, Martin N Stevens <budgester at budgester.com> wrote:

> My mum's only caveat was I need to get to my banks websites.
> Dad does a lot of photography so wanted something that he could plug
> his camera in and print.
> My ex-wife is on ubuntu, with minimal support for me, and just moved
> one of her friends over with a new PC, as she kept getting it snarled
> up with malware.
> So a ratio of 4:1 non techy to techy users.

Sorry to buck the trend ... my wife has known me as a Linux-only user since
Red Hat 4.x, and steadfastly refuses to let me put anything Linux-flavoured
anywhere near her computers ;-) [ exception : when I got her a new laptop
two Xmases ago I ordered it with XP (had to insist the supplier did not put
on Vista!) the MS Office 'Basic' edition had a time-limited 'sample' version
of Word and PowerPoint so I put OOo on. But I think she saw me tear out my
hair so often in the earlier days that she's permanently traumatised ;-)

FTR, my eldest son works in software QA and is very hobby-active (runs wikis
& websites, loads of gaming) and is ssh-competent but uses Win on all his
stuff. Other son is a postgrad student, uses ssh at work and Windows at

I must have gone wrong somewhere.

By the way, re. the OP ... I am in the Dorset LUG and I believe there are
some capable winLin bilingual people here. Have you thought of posting to
there? I could forward the original if you don't want the hassle of


Victor Churchill
The Software Shack, Ltd
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