[Gllug] IPv6 allocation options

Jason Clifford jason at ukfsn.org
Tue Jan 18 12:25:16 UTC 2011

On Tue, 2011-01-18 at 12:18 +0000, John Edwards wrote:
> So is this page out of date now?
> 	http://www.aaisp.net.uk/news-ipv6.html 
> (last updated March 2009)

I don't know. You would need to ask Adrian about that.

> Searching the BT sites for IPv6 produces mostly results in their
> shop for routers that support it and a few "enterprise" products.

That's not a surprise. BT are hardly ever "first movers" and can only be
expected to catch up when commercial demand is such that it is necessary
for them to do so. 

In the meantime (as Adrian notes in the page you link to above) BT do
not need to support IPv6. ISPs don't buy IP termination from BT for DSL
customers - they purchase L2TP delivery of PPP sessions. IPv6 sits
happily within the PPP session just as IPv4 does.

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