[Gllug] ADVERT: Shell Scripting book

Steve Parker steve at steve-parker.org
Wed Jul 20 21:06:58 UTC 2011

On 20/07/11 21:50, Tethys wrote:
> Steve Parker writes:
>>> Certainly not. All environment variables are shell variables, though.
>> You may not be interactively using the environment, but the two things
>> are the same,
> Until that point, I was generally favourably inclined towards your book.
> It appeared to be well written and knowledgable. Now I'm shaking my head
> in wonder at how someone can write a book on shell scripting without
> knowing the difference between a shell variable and an environment
> variable...
Please see my post to Alain; I would very much like you to remain 
favourably inclined ;)
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