[Gllug] compiling kernel inside a VM

Martin A. Brooks martin at hinterlands.org
Tue Jul 12 07:24:26 UTC 2011

On Tue, July 12, 2011 01:00, salsaman at xs4all.nl wrote:
> Hi,
> I hope somebody can help me. I am trying to compile the latest kernel
> ( from kernel.org) inside a vmware virtual machine. I have not
> changed any kernel settings from default (the VM is x86 32 bit, but
> running on x86-64 machine). The kernel compile works fine. I had a problem
> initially with make modules_install which seemed to be resolved by copying
> a directory in /var/lib/dkms. However now when I reboot the machine and
> select the newly built kernel, it fails straight away saying it cant find
> the root filesystem.
> Any ideas ?

You have forgotten to include the driver for the virtual disk controller,
or you have forgotten to include support for whatever filesystem you are
using, or you forgot to rebuild the initrd.

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