[Gllug] Questionnaire - "The motivations of developers who participate in OS projects"

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Fri Jul 1 09:59:00 UTC 2011

On Fri, Jul 01, 2011 at 12:56:56AM +0100, A.Kaperonis at lse.ac.uk wrote:
> Dear OS developer,
> I am an MSc student at the London School of Economics and I am doing research on the motivations of developers who participate in OS projects. The results from this questionnaire will be used within my MSc dissertation as empirical evidence.
> The questionnaire is designed in such a way that it will take only a few minutes to fill in. Please be assured that all responses will remain confidential and secure.
> Please answer all the questions.
> Thank you in advance for your time and support. You can start with the survey by clicking on the following link:
> http://questionpro.com/t/AGYOdZKm6G
> Please contact A.Kaperonis at lse.ac.uk with any questions.

Hi Anastasios

I'm with your first responder on this list re the paid/unpaid, hobby 
question and I haven't looked at the remainder of the questionnaire yet.

I would also prefer to see some link to your research centre within LSE.  
If you are on a taught MSc and this is your research project, what 
Department are you in and the title of your course e.g. MSc in Applied 
Psychology, Sociology ?  I find a link to the generic LSE company statement

While you are not necessarily involved in unique research, would you also 
please state what the association of the domain name holder's company, 
Survey Analytics LLC is to LSE, yourself and your project and what 
agreement you have entered into with Survey Analytics to stage your 
questionnaire through their facilities?  

Do they provide you with a statistical analysis of your data as well as the 
raw data and what else do they do with the raw data collected?  Have you, 
for example, agreed they can sell it on to others reearching the same area 
or are you paying for the use of their survey engine?

Regards and good luck

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