[Gllug] My Internet experience in the West at times is comparable to female foeticide

asc asc at narco.tk
Wed Jun 22 15:50:42 UTC 2011


The issue is that your posts are off topic.  People subscribe to this
mailing list for technical advice and discussion, very little of your
posts fall under this category even though you believe they do.  Your
technical expertise is lower than that is needed to participate in the
discussion here and obviously the other technical forums you have
posted upon.

It's OK that you don't have the technical skills (I'm not good at
knitting!), but you need to remember that by posting here you are
making an off topic announcement to *thousands* of people which over
time does annoy people and ultimately makes them intolerant. This
shows a lack of understanding and manners toward the group.  The west
is mainly secular, we are (generally) indifferent to other peoples
religious views and I (we?) find it strange to be brought in to a
conversation when it serves no purpose.

Here is an analogy:
If you went to mcdonalds expecting burgers but was served fried
chicken you would be annoyed.  Now multiply that by thousands of
people, many silent and seething.

I am offended at your choice of topic and claim.  Generalisations like
that do nothing to assist your character.  Do I need to you remind you
that your words will be forever etched in to the internet and easily
searchable because of the uniqueness of your name?
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