[Gllug] Writing my own system call

Tethys sta296 at astradyne.co.uk
Fri Jun 17 22:45:21 UTC 2011

tid writes:

>> I really liked VMS - it had a column editor too.
>Ooh yes. and an editor that had 50 (count 'em) versions of any
>document. Amazing stuff for the 1980s.

Ye gods, what's wrong with you people? I *hated* VMS. The whole thing
felt clumsy and awkward to use, and it seemed like the OS was getting
in your way at every opportunity, rather than helping you get stuff
done. I hated the DCL, I hated the help system, I hated the logical
names, and I particularly hated the editors (EDT, TPU and EVE). I
used to use a pseudo-vi written in TPU where it was available, but it
was lacking compared to the real thing. The only good thing about VMS
was the clustering, which later made an appearance on Tru64 (it might
have appeared when it was still called Digital Unix or OSF/1, I can't

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